It's What We Do!
Nature Visits With Gail is an Oakville based
organization dedicated to educating and
familiarizing the public about a variety of
earth and life science topics.

Specializing in inquiry-based classroom
presentations, Nature Visits is now also able
to provide quality programs in outdoor
settings on a variety of topics.

Our programs are based on 30 years of
experience in the natural history education
field, where we developed and delivered
in- field and in-classroom presentations.  

We are confident that our programs are not
only engaging and unforgettable but
professional and educational.

Schools, Schools, Schools!
For the last four years, Nature Visits has
been providing Private, Montessori, Catholic
and Public schools with dynamic
presentations on topics ranging from skulls
and rocks to birds and butterflies.

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School Programs page for more
Nature Visits With Gail
Life and Earth Science Programs
"It is very difficult to find science
topics covered for young
children. Often times presenters'
info goes over the children's
head. This was taught on their
level, they were active, so they
will retain the information."

- Andrea Stirling, Kindergarten
teacher,  HDSB

After an incredible long winter it really and truly is Spring. The
first butterflies of the season, Mourning Cloak and Tortoiseshells,
are around on warm days, The Black-Capped Chickadee is
singing its Spring song, The Red-winged Blackbirds are back,
and flowers are slowly making their presence known.

Today as I was cleaning up my gardens I spotted a queen Yellow
Jacket that had just emerged from its winter torpor and of course
flies and ants are out and about.